Session 03

Dirty Work

The party pressed forward through the sewer, eventually confronting and killing Captain Brannock himself. A portion of the sewers here had been collapsed and a small tunnel dug. The tunnel ended in a large room with a pit where the Watch had been cremating the bodies of the people that had been disappearing mysteriously. In the large room, Jean, Wallow, and Wrog encountered Brannock speaking in hushed tones with Radolf, the Wolf in the West. They found two orphan children, Misha and Cadgar, as well, who later revealed they were snatched up in the night by the Watch and intended as some sort of payment for a debt the Watch appeared to owe the Druids. A large iron door, barred and sealed from the inside revealed how the Druid assassin had been smuggled into the city, a hole in the Wall.

Wrog successfully managed to lead the party through the winding labyrinth of the Grey Ward’s back alleys and through the gate back to Esterfay. They sought the Hounds, and acquired guards for their suite, as they rested there with the orphans for safekeeping.

In the morning the group met with Zara, now Baroness Regent. A long look on her face confirmed what many had suspected. With Faren dead, the Barony had elected her as interim custodian of the Quarter. They had confirmed her powers to enforce the laws of the Quarter, but gave her no right to create new legislation in the Quarter or to collect taxes; a political death sentence that left no doubt that the Barony intended to replace her as soon as possible. Arneaux and Cait, armed to the teeth, were sent out beyond the walls to investigate the whereabouts of a package Faren had ordered from Silverest some time ago and Zara turned her full attention to the party.

The group compared notes and debriefed, concluding that it was almost definite that Baron Orrin Stork had to have been aware of Brannock’s plot, if not complicit in it as well. Mercer arrived, covered in fresh, grisly wounds and announced they had captured Marrowsnap at the Shrine of Marandriah in Elfhame, but strange plant creatures had assaulted the Hounds as they attempted to leave the meeting. They left two Hounds dead and Mercer injured before being put to the sword. The party called the meeting shortly thereafter, and bee-lined to Draelsgate Barrackhouse where the Hounds were keeping Marrowsnap.

A brief interrogation led nowhere initially, Marrowsnap refusing to speak until he was promised a Pardon or his sentence was commuted to Exile, anything that would get him out of the city. Jean managed to turn up the charm and let Marrowsnap’s irritation get the better of him, as he let several pieces of information he had planned on bargaining for his freedom with slip. Brannock was terrified of something called The Coming Storm and Marrowsnap was as well, though neither seemed to know much about what it entailed. Brannock had been trying to off the party and had promised Marrowsnap his freedom if he killed the adventurers. Brannock had given him a strange amulet that was of Druid make that seemed to make him invisible to the plant creatures that had been smuggled into the city by the corrupt Watch for the ambush. As Jean left the room, he had found Wallow had deputized Wrog as a Hound, and the party was faced with a decision to make about Marrowsnap’s future.


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