Alistair Croft

Enforcer of the Aduboix Crime Family


Alistair Croft is a miserable wretch of a man.  Pragmatic to a fault, he found fast employ in the services of the Aduboix Family, a criminal group operating subtly in the Grey Ward peddling vice, extortion, and murder.  Croft's bloody resumé is quite extensive.  Not one for glory or the idea of tests of skill or ability, Croft is quite infamous among criminal circles in the Ward and is assumed to be the mastermind when a body turns up in the Ward that was the victim of an 'unfortunate accident,' or poisoning.

For a brief period of time, Wrog Uvenk found himself employed by the Family and found Croft detestable and sloppy, leaving a feud that still simmers years after Wrog initially left the city.

Alistair Croft

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