Chronological Events in Anaan's History

Below is a brief chronological overview as commonly believed by scholars living in Sensortus at the time of the campaign:

The Pretemporal Epoch

  • 1E – Anaan creates the world. The First Sunset occurs, marking the end of the period of creation. The first forms of life take hold of the land, mostly plants. The first proto-elf and dwarf ancestors also appear. This is known as the First Era.
  • 2E – Anaan grows bored with his creation, and the Occillary take over the vacant divine throne. The Second Sunset draws the timeless period to a close, as Ahnaton fixes the world in Time. The Second Era begins. Great upheavals mark the beginning of the Era as the continents settle into time. The earliest Dwarf and Elf ancestors begin to establish territory and relations. The most natal forms of civilization appear.

The Mythic Epoch

  • 3E – The Third Sunset occurs, marking the start of the Third Era. The Drow, as the collected species of Elves call themselves, establish the largest empire in the world. They ply the seas and build epic monuments and enormous structures to themselves. The Dwarves withdraw from the surface. During the Third Era, countless generations of Dwarves spend their entire lives deep in the bowels of the earth and begin to take on their familiar squat, stout shape.
  • 3E – During the Third Era, the earliest proto-human ancestors appear, historically referred to as the Firstborn. Initial contact with the Drow Empire is hostile, but the surprisingly canny Firstborn organize rapidly. They develop their own remarkably efficient civilization, scaling up the brusque, spartan tribal life into a successful large scale model. They take half of the Drow holdings over the course of the Millenia March, carving themselves an empire to rival the Drow. The first humans appear as an offshoot of the Firstborn, and are quickly enslaved as persona non grata and labor under the harsh oversight of both the Drow and Firstborn.
  • 4E – Tensions come to a head and cataclysmic war breaks out between the two empires. At some point during this centuries-long conflict, the Fourth Sunset occurs, and the two races disappear almost entirely, seemingly overnight from a historical perspective. A human born under the shadow of the primordial volcano where the Sea of Salamanders is now, Morihaus, is given the right to rule over men by Malukah Herself, and organizes the races of Men under one banner. They conquer all of Sensortus, and establish the Empire of Man. The modern Elves, descendants of the Drow Empire, withdraw to the forests of the world, establishing their own kingdoms among the trees.

The Modern Epoch

  • 5E – The Fourth Sunset occurs, and history is much more accurately recorded from this point forward. After some time, the Fifth Sunset occurs, ending the Empire of Man, as the divisive humans found the city-states that would war through the entirety of the Fifth Era over the remains of the empire.
  • Year 1, 6E – The modern Era follows the Sixth Sunset, commonly agreed to have occured 865 years ago, as the first Winnowuchs begin to scour the land. The dead begin to stir.
  • ~Year 250, 6E – Druids in the wild claim that the Occillary has led the races of Anaan astray. They proclaim a return to the Old Way as the only true salvation to avert Anaan’s wrath.
  • Year 402, 6E – The City-States of Man formally align against the common threat of the world and the risen dead.
  • Year 457, 6E – Expanding on humanity’s alliance, the Five Spoke Pact is struck between the dominant races of Sensortus.
  • Year 865, 6E – Present Day.

Chronological Events in Anaan's History

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