Blacksands is the most populous city in Sensortus. Situated south of the Sea of Salamanders, at the mouth of the Anaandrael River, Blacksands consists of seven seperate districts, each governed by a Baron responsible for local law enforcement. The rich volcanic soil and granite cliffs provide a solid footing for agriculture and defense, and though troubled, Blacksands is one of the most prosperous cities in Anaan for its advantageous position.

The exact date of Blacksands’ founding is lost to the passage of time, but it was supposedly settled by Morihaus, the first Emperor of Men, who united the continent under the fair rule of law and order after thousands of years of slavery at the hands of the Drow and a precursor race of proto-humans. The Imperator’s Tower in Blackcrest is believed to be the oldest continuously occupied structure on the continent, and perhaps in all of Anaan, having been originally built for Emperor Morihaus at the beginning of the 4th Era.

Blacksands is governed by a three-tiered system of elected representatives as well as a hereditary Imperator, supposedly a direct descendant of Morihaus. The most numerous are the Lords, functioning as a congressional and legislative body for the city. Above them are the Barons, who are elected to their position for life by the House of Lords. The Barons are expected to manage each district according to city-wide law, though they have nearly unparalleled latitude in terms of local power within their Ward or Quarter. Above the Barons is the Imperator, a position of largely symbolic importance. The Imperator is expected to break ties when the Barons are called to vote on an issue of capital importance. He is also the sole leader in times of war, though Blacksands has decomissioned its standing military in the wake of the Five Spoke Pact.

Wards and Quarters:

Other locations of note are the large, district-unaffiliated cemetery, Endalmeet, as well as the recent development of small, hastily-walled farms just outside Blacksands main walls. These farms have been erected by so-called “Backyard Pioneers,” men who see the need for food in Blacksands and are willing to gamble their lives on their ability to survive with very little protection outside the walls. The Cohort, the Grey Watch, and Hounds are all among the most active psuedo-military forces operating outside the walls, and the more shrewd Backyard Pioneers will go out of their way to provide hospitality to the patrols in exchange for protection.

Blacksands’ two largest sister-towns are Temris and Moristead.

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